About the Artists

Clifton and Cristina Landry,

Cristina Landry has been drawing since childhood inspired by watching her father who was a landscape and portrait painter. She developed her art while growing up in a traveler family. She found inspiration in the profound beauty of nature and the less seen parts of society. Painting and drawing with imagination and bright color to define the world she sees. Her medium is Acrylic paintings on canvas and Caricature drawings in marker on paper. She enjoys the permanence and spontaneous stroke of fast drying paint and marker. Learning the skill and creativity of caricature alongside her husband and fellow artist and also having someone to share with creatively, is a deep well of self discovery and inspiration for her.

Clifton Landry is also been drawing since childhood. A mix of cartoon and graffiti pop with some sprinkles of abstract, would be the best way to explain his artistic style.. His medium is Acrylic paint on canvas and Caricature drawings with marker and as of lately, been drawing some digital paintings on the iPad. Growing up in Las Vegas is been a lot of the inspiration in many of his paintings. I love bright colors. Vibrant and bright or I like to call it Loud! Also, my wife is been a big inspiration in my life, I never really even painted before we met and for that I owe a debt of gratitude.

Together we show our art and draw caricatures at VIllage Art in the Park and various shows around the west coast. Recently we have been collaborating on paintings together to give viewers a different perspective on 2 different artists art style. Keeping it funky and fresh.